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Burdges Legal represents a broad and diverse clientele which spans socio-economic demographics including representation in urban, suburban, and rural Georgia locations. 

Specializing in criminal defense representation, Burdges Legal's experience covers criminal charges that range in seriousness and have included: DUI, drug trafficking, armed robbery, aggravated child molestation, rape, aggravated assault up to and including murder. 

Burdges Legal is founded by John R. Burdges, who has served the criminal justice system for over 44 years through his work in law enforcement and now as a litigator. As a police officer, Burdges worked in patrol and criminal investigation as well as serving as a qualified expert witness for the prosecution (state and federal) in the areas of organized crime and narcotic trafficking.

Find out more about John R. Burdges's background and experience, here.  


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